When you make an outbound phone call in Maven HQ using the Dialer, you may run into some issues. Sometimes the call may keep dropping or hanging up before it's connected. In some instances, the call may disconnect. Although these situations rarely happen, if it does happen you can follow these steps to fix the issue.

Please check if the microphone is allowed on your browser:

Edit the phone number (go to SETTINGS > PHONE NUMBERS) - Outbound Call Timeout - Make sure it's more than 20 seconds and more so it will dial for longer. 

Please check if there are any Google extensions (VPN) that might block the call dialling. We could try to use the Guest browser of Google chrome where there are no other extensions. And login to HL from the guest browser to make a call.

If you're still having issues after completing all these steps, please reach out to our support team at support@mavenhq.io.