As long as your subscription is cancelled, no other action is necessary to close your account. It is possible to manually delete your data, if desired.

If you feel that Maven HQ is no longer a good fit, you can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing or click here:

In order for a cancellation to take place in time to stop a renewal, it must be submitted 3-5 business days before your renewal date. If your account has any unpaid invoices, those will need to be paid before the cancellation can go through.

If you have any emails, voicemail drops, phone calls, or SMS events in a pending Workflow or Campaign these will stop sending at the end of your subscription date. 

Once support has confirmed your subscription has been cancelled as of a certain date, you will no longer have access to your Maven HQ account from that date onwards. 

Your account will close when your subscription period runs out, as indicated.

Note: Once your account is closed, your organization data will be deleted after 30 days.